Top-Down Starter Kit | Image courtesy of PolyNext

Education Week exclusive: download your free Marketplace assets until November 1

As part of Education Week 2021 (full schedule here), we’re excited to announce the release of free Unreal Engine Marketplace assets!

While each asset was chosen to help educators teach game design in a more interesting way, these assets are freely available to all Unreal Engine users.

But will they remain free forever? It depends. Some assets are only free for this week (until 10:00 AM EDT on November 1), while others will join the Permanently Free collection in the Marketplace and will always be free. You can see what’s what in the full list below.

Free to download until November 1

Top-Down Starter Kit

Turn a working scene from the Top-Down RPG game into a colorful lesson plan for your students. With a near-complete framework and robust tutorials as a guide, educators can hone in on different aspects of game development within the context of an established codebase.

Toony Tiny RTS Set

Need stylized assets for a strategy or tower defense game? This set is loaded with options. Heads, bodies, horses, weapons, shields, buildings, war machines—open it up and you’re on your way.

ARCADE: Ultimate Vehicles Pack

Cars, trucks, and planes are great starting points for a myriad of fun gameplay types. Now, when you need great-looking vehicles to create fun and compelling lesson plans, you’ll have 83 options that are ready to roll.

Permanently free to download

While the temporary assets can be great for specific projects, the permanent assets were chosen to help address needs that are common on most projects. Have a look.

Visual Novel Framework - Full System

Some dialog systems can be complicated. This one is not. With choices, conditional branching, a layered character system and more, students can start using text in service of more engaging narratives.

Basic Pickups VFX Set (Niagara)

Achievements, assets, power-ups—games are filled with them. With these Niagara-based effects, students gain access to essential pickup types that not only convey a sense of pride and accomplishment, but look pretty good, too!

Interface & Item Sounds Pack

Providing multi-sensory feedback to players is an essential skill for students to develop. With 117 high-quality & game-ready sound effects at their disposal, students can study the impact of different audio choices when communicating to their players, without having to learn the complex skill of creating bespoke audio.

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