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Unreal Engine
for extended reality (XR)

With augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and mixed reality (MR) technologies evolving rapidly and becoming more powerful by the day, you need a creation tool that can keep up. Unreal Engine empowers you to build your team, your assets, and your workflow with tools that can deliver on your creative vision and quality bar—now and in the future.

Optimized for XR

To create immersive experiences that are believable to the human mind, AR, VR, and MR—collectively known as extended reality or XR—requires complex scenes rendered in exceptional quality at very high frame rates. There are no shortcuts.

Powerful and production-proven, Unreal Engine is designed for demanding applications such as AAA games, filmmaking, and photoreal visualization, making it ideally suited to these challenging requirements. 

Robust platform support

Unreal Engine offers frequent updates for the rapidly evolving ecosystem of extended reality hardware and software.
    • Oculus
    • Hololens
    • PSVR
    • Steam VR

Key features

Author once,
deploy to any platform

Create your XR experience with Unreal Engine and deploy to any platform. Unreal Engine provides extensive support for OpenXR and all hardware vendors APIs, from Hololens to ARCore to Oculus. Epic Games is a founding member of OpenXR, the open standard for VR/AR/MR.

Meet the performance requirements of any device

Scale your applications from high-resolution, high-frame-rate HMDs to low-power mobile devices. With Unreal Engine’s highly optimized graphics pipeline that lets you deliver unmatched visual realism in real time, there's no need to sacrifice quality for speed.

Differentiate your offering
with custom code

Create tailor-made XR applications with Blueprint visual scripitng or direct C++ coding. Unreal Engine’s extensible XR framework, together with free access to the full source code, enables you to easily expand on existing features or add new custom capabilities.

Quick-start your
application development

Whether you want to build a high-fidelity product visualization VR experience or the next smash-hit AR game, Unreal Engine helps you realize your creative vision without starting from scratch. With a wide range of free templates and samples, as well as a rich library of assets, you can hit the ground running.

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