Unreal Authorized Training Program

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What is the Unreal Authorized Training Program?

The Unreal Authorized Training Program supports those who commit to a high standard of Unreal Engine training. Being an Unreal Authorized Training Center or an Unreal Authorized Instructor means that Epic Games will support your training process so that together, we can ensure that customers receive the highest quality of Unreal Engine learning. Our aim is to teach professionals the skills they need to be better prepared for the constantly evolving and highly competitive job market. 

Both independent trainers and training centers are eligible to apply. Interested in becoming an authorized instructor or training center? Read our program overview and apply below.

Delivering world-class Unreal Engine training


Are you a training center that teaches Unreal Engine to game developers and enterprise professionals? Apply to become an Unreal Authorized Training Center.


Independent trainers are welcome to apply to our Unreal Authorized Training Program. Unreal Authorized Instructors are able to work either independently or in association with an Unreal Authorized Training Center.

Unreal training for all industries

Unreal Engine is used by game developers and enterprise professionals around the world. Unreal Authorized Training Centers and Unreal Authorized Instructors can offer courses in industries such as games, architecture, media and entertainment, automotive, training and simulation, and medical research.
Interested in applying? Read our program overview to learn more about eligibility and the application process. When you are ready, log in to your Epic Games account and then use the form below to submit your application.

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