September 16, 2016

Leveraging PlayStation 4 Pro for Your PS4 Game

By Dana Cowley

Last week we took a look at a few of the games featured during Sony’s reveal of PlayStation 4 Pro. Congrats again to all of the Unreal Engine developers who made a big splash!

Today, Epic has released the PS4 Pro video clip for the studio’s new MOBA, Paragon, that shows our team’s approach to increasing graphical fidelity using the upgrades the new console provides. You can now see it up close in full 1080p:

Games that are already available for PS4, such as Paragon, which is in Open Beta, can still take advantage of PS4 Pro capabilities thanks to the console’s forward compatibility. 

“Supporting PS4 Pro for enhanced 1080 is as easy as enabling the support in the Sony publishing tools,” according to Marcus Wassmer, Epic’s core rendering team lead. 

“Unreal Engine 4.13 is already fully capable of taking advantage from that perspective. Doing this will give you an immediate large performance boost on a title running on PS4 Pro. What you choose to do with the extra performance is totally up to you.”

For Paragon on PS4 Pro, Epic has added dynamic lighting along with enhanced geometry and scene complexity. The game also utilizes new volumetric effects such as light shafts and fog; motion blur; enhanced HLOD (hierarchical level of detail) and increased view distance; screen space reflections; contact shadows; procedural grass; and advanced light bloom.

“From a rendering perspective it lets us more closely realize our vision for the game by reducing the number of compromises we have to make for performance,” he said.

Paragon runs at a rock solid 60fps in full 1080p on PS4 Pro, which includes a faster processor, improved graphics and 4K-streaming capabilities, for starters. The console will launch on November 10 for $399. 

Still deciding on when to update to Unreal Engine 4.13? Check out the exhaustive release notes.