February 28, 2018

Explore the real-time pipeline behind Fortnite’s trailer

By Brian Pohl

Imagine crafting an animated short that you can adjust and modify in real-time without having to tediously pre-render it out with each adjustment. Most cinematic game trailers are locked-in with linear production pipelines, but with Fortnite, the team at Epic Games created a high-quality animated short that runs right in Unreal Engine, which allowed for real-time navigation and full interaction during the production process.
For Fortnite's cinematic trailer, artists leveraged Unreal Engine's real-time volumetric rendering tools to create seamless special effects that integrated perfectly with the action.

Our latest whitepaper offers a look deep behind the scenes of how the Fortnite trailer was made in Unreal Engine and how real-time production techniques using real-time pipelines can make a tremendous difference in your creative workflow.

Download the whitepaper - Developing a Real-time Pipeline for a Faster Workflow


Unpacking real-time production concepts, sharing techniques used in making the Fortnite trailer, and delivering additional technical tips for developing a real-time pipeline with Unreal Engine, Developing a Real-time Pipeline for a Faster Workflow is packed with insights to help take you production pipeline to the next level.


You’ll Learn About:
  • Developing a real-time pipeline for a faster workflow
  • How the Fortnite trailer was created with real-time rendering
  • The benefits of real-time and virtual production
  • How to overcome the problems of a linear pipeline using real-time
  • Important considerations for real-time production
  • Tips to enhance and improve your workflows with Unreal Engine
  • And much more!

Unlock the your full creative potential with the power of real-time production - Download our whitepaper today!