UE4 Resources for Support & Learning

Look here for a list and detailed explanation of what resources are available for learning UE4 development and getting help. Most of the help you’ll ever need is already out there. Try searching for it first!  

Unreal Engine 4 Documentation
The UE4 Documentation is officially prepared and regularly updated by Epic Games. It contains thousands of pages of valuable information concerning how to use the Unreal Engine 4. Running a search on the documentation also allows you to search across all of our support resources. It’s your one-stop-shop for information!

UE4 AnswerHub
The AnswerHub is a resource for developers to ask questions and provide answers to others seeking help. It can be customized to focus on just the topics you are interested in, and a voting system allows the most popular posts to gain visibility. Epic Games also uses the “Bug Reports” section of the AnswerHub to follow-up on reported bugs, and the “Installation & Setup” section to help users overcome any hurdles involved with getting the Unreal Engine up and running.

Unreal Engine Forums
The UE Forums are the ideal place to participate in discussions about UE4 development, share ideas, show off your work, and read about important information. Epic Games uses the forums to communicate information about releases and events where you will often find us engaging with the community.

Unreal Engine Community Wiki
The UE Wiki is the definitive place for UE4 developers to document and share their knowledge, including tutorials, code snippets, plugins and more. Any user is welcome to create their own page and populate it with information that others may find valuable. Thousands of community-created pages already exist and can be found by searching.

Video Tutorials
Like the documentation, the Video Tutorials are officially prepared by Epic Games because we know that some people learn better by listening and following along while someone teaches.

Unreal Engine Twitch Streams
Epic Games provides weekly live, streaming videos on Twitch.  Most of the videos include a Question & Answer segment near the end.  These get uploaded to YouTube later.

Unreal Engine Issues
This site provides a listing of known bugs in the Unreal Engine, including ones that have already been fixed. UE4 developers can search to find the status of an issue they may be experiencing, or identify whether they need to report a new bug that Epic may not know about yet.

Unreal Engine Learn Tab
Located on the Epic Games launcher, the Learn tab includes links to some of the above resources, as well as to various tutorials and educational sample projects. 

In-Editor Tutorials
A number of tutorial walkthroughs are included directly in the UE4 Editor, and can be accessed at anytime by clicking on Help > Tutorials.

Unreal Developer Network
The UDN is a private support resource for individuals or companies with a custom license for UE4 development.

Unofficial Support Resources
These support channels are community maintained and unaffiliated with Epic Games, but the community is usually happy to offer assistance. 


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