How to Report a Bug

A bug is a defect in the engine code which results in an unexpected behavior, and can be reproduced under specific conditions.  If you believe that you have discovered a bug in the Unreal Engine 5, please follow the steps below.  

Please be aware that the purpose behind reporting bugs is so any issues can be fixed in future updates. Epic does not provide custom engineering work or troubleshooting for general development challenges. Thank you for helping to improve the Unreal Engine!

Before you Report

  • Take a moment to evaluate whether it is an engine bug or not. Are you using the feature as intended? Do you know the expected result?  Have you modified any code that may break the feature? Are you using any 3rd-party Plugins? Are you using supported hardware and software?
  • Search the Unreal Engine Issues site to see if the issue is already known and reported.
  • Reproduce the issue again.  Does it still occur?  Do you know the steps? Can you simplify the steps? Can you make it occur on a new project?
  • If you experience a crash, make sure you submit the Crash Report with additional information about what you were doing when the crash occurred. 
  • Gather all information. What engine version are you using? What is your operating system? What are your system specifications? Do you have your project logs ({projectname}/Saved/Logs)? Have you taken screenshots?
  • Please note: If your bug is related to the security of Unreal Engine or a vulnerability you have discovered, instead follow the instructions on this page.
Remember: If Epic staff cannot reproduce and experience the issue, then they probably cannot fix it either.

Make the Report

If you have all of the information that Epic will need to reproduce and investigate the issue, you can use the Unreal Engine Bug Submission Form to file a report. If you have a Custom license agreement, please post your bug report to the UDN instead. Follow these steps when writing the report:

  • Give it a concise but detailed title, such as "Crash on OSX 10.11 when editing blueprint variables"
  • Upload any important attachments such as log files, screenshots, videos, or assets.
  • Include your email address so that Epic staff can reach out if they have any questions for you.

After you Report

  • Epic support staff will investigate your report as soon as possible. Please be patient.
  • You may not receive any feedback on your report, but keep an eye on your email in case Epic staff reach out for more information.
  • If your issue is reproduced, Epic will create a bug report on their internal system which can be tracked on the Unreal Engine Issues site. 
Confirmed bugs may or may not be fixed quickly, depending on the severity of the issue, how many users it impacts, and Epic's current priorities for engine development.