Custom License Support

If you or your company has signed a custom license agreement with Epic Games, or if you are under an evaluation, then you have access to additional support resources not available under the default license. 

  • Unreal Developer Network

    The UDN is a prviate support resource for custom licensees and evaluators. A member of your organization will be given the permissions to create accounts for indidivuals to access the website.  Once you have been granted access, you will be able to log into the UDN with the same account credentials that you use on, the Epic Games Launcher, or the public UE forums.

    Once you have access to the UDN, use it to post any questions or issues that require input from Epic Games. However, the UDN is a network of developers and other custom licensees are likely to lend assistance as well.  For cases where confidentiality is a concern, privacy options are available, but these should be used at a minimum in order to share solutions among all developers.  

    Epic Games support staff track all posts made to the UDN and work to ensure a response in a timely manner.  Once Epic staff have responded to a post, it is usually flagged as being "Resolved", however if you need to follow up on it, all you need to do is reply, and the post will be re-opened for further review.


  • Perforce Access

    Custom Licensees are granted access to Epic's internal Perforce depot for UE4 development.  This allows you to view and pull code from all of the primary UE4 branches, including the numerous Dev Streams where the bleeding egde feature development occurs, which are not currently available on Github.

    As Epic's engineers fix issues and implement new features, changelist numbers may be referenced which you can use to immediately pull and integrate any code that your project may need. 

If you have additional questions or require additional support, please contact your Sales Manager at Epic Games.

If you are experiencing issues accessing the Unreal Developer Network, please contact us at to let us know.

If you are on the default license and are interested in custom license support terms, please view the Custom Licensing page to submit a request.