Assist Others & Contribute to UE4

Cooperation is the key to success, and everyone in the UE4 developer community benefits when knowledge and resources are shared. Here are some of the ways you can contribute:

1. Answer questions on the UE4 Answerhub or UDN.  The Answerhub is the Q&A resource for UE4 developers, and although Epic Games staff help on occasion, most answers come from others in the community. You can customize the Answerhub to highlight questions in your areas of expertise, and karma points are earned from providing helpful answers.  The week's top karma earners are listed on the site's sidebar, and Epic periodically offers badges or other recognition to those who are especially helpful.  The UDN is similar to the Answerhub, but only for those with a Custom license.  Custom licensees are also encouraged to share knowledge and support each other. Additionally, quality answers without confidentiality concerns on the UDN will frequently get copied to the public Answerhub for the benefit of all.

2.  Fix bugs, improve code, and add features by submitting pull requests. If you are a programmer who uses the engine source code, you can submit your own fixes and improvements to GitHub for review by Epic's engineers.  If your code submission is accepted, your name gets included in the release notes and engine credits.

3. Create wiki pages.  The UE4 wiki is where developers can share information about development, write tutorials, share code snippets, plugins, and more.

4. Report bugs that you uncover.  If you find a bug with the engine, please report it along with full details and reproduction steps to the Bug Reports section of the UE4 Answerhub. These get reviewed by Epic, and help ensure a more stable release in the future.

5. Engage on the forums.  The UE4 forums are the primary area of discussion for UE4 developers and serves as another resource for helping, sharing ideas, and collaborating with others.

6. Create content for the Marketplace.  Not only will you grow the Marketplace and help other developers reach their goals, but you get financial incentive as well.