Unreal Engine For Students
Learning Unreal Engine 4 will give you skills and experience that can help you land a job working on everything from mixed reality and cinematic experiences to PC and console games. The tools you learn are the same ones in use by top talent at industry-leading organizations and inside Epic on games such as Paragon, Fortnite, Unreal Tournament, Robo Recall, Battle Breakers and SPYJinX. Unreal Engine is also widely used for architectural visualizations, training simulations and other non-games applications. 

Students around the world are using Unreal Engine to refine their skills and land amazing jobs! See what students are creating right here.

Build your UE4 portfolio and achieve your career goals.



High-end photorealistic rendering and easy-to-use tools empower you visualize projects with physically accurate lighting and outstanding quality.



Blueprint visual scripting and powerful design tools give you the power to create gameplay experiences, no coding required. You can prototype, develop and launch complete games using Blueprints.



Professional tools, workflows, and rendering technology give you unprecedented capability to realize your vision in beautiful fidelity.



Three million lines of complete engine and editor C++ source code on GitHub give you full access to professionally developed engine code. Join the community to learn and contribute to live engine development.