March 11, 2016

Hammerhead VR Creates Immersive Worlds with Unreal Engine

By Keef Sloan

Hammerhead VR are the UK-based virtual reality specialists who work with a wide cross-section of brands and agencies. With a team that are made up of experts from not only the VR industry, but also film, TV, visual FX, as well as cutting-edge entertainment projects, they have recently started to use Unreal Engine in client projects in order to better tell the stories that shape their campaigns.

“Unreal Engine is the dream medium. It allows us to take a user to any place, space or time and to engage with them in a way that is believable, with incredible visual clarity,” says Steve Jelley, Hammerhead VR Managing Director. One of Hammerhead’s recent projects was for the consumer brand, Boursin. By utilising Unreal Engine, Hammerhead was able to create a roller coaster ride that took the viewer through a virtual fridge. The audience reaction was…well, you can see for yourself by taking a look at the video.

Unreal Engine has allowed Hammerhead to not only realize an experience for brands, but also given them a tool to create fully immersive worlds for film clients and the luxury yacht builder Sunseeker.

This case study was created with the help of Hammerhead VR.