Exploring the Tactics Behind TINY METAL

We speak to Area 35 about the inspirations and goals behind the upcoming, multiplatform real-time strategy title being made with Unreal Engine 4.

Unmasking the Motives and Mayhem in RUINER

We explore the dark but beautiful streets of Rengkok City with REIKON GAMES to learn more about the highly-anticipated top-down action shooter.

How Unreal Engine is Impacting ExerGaming Research

VR lecturer, developer and researcher Joey Campbell describes the impact Unreal Engine is having on research surrounding physical exercise and video games (a.k.a. ExerGaming).

HALON Evolves Previs with Unreal Engine

War For the Planet of the Apes has set a new previs standard and we caught up with the Apes previs/postvis team to learn more about the process.

Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice

Exploring the Mindset Behind Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice

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Downward Raises Expectations for Small Teams

Based in Rome, the three-person team at Caracal Games have used UE4 to craft an imaginative world featuring innovative gameplay mechanics that combine open-world adventure with first-person parkour.

Next-Gen Mobile Strategy MMO 'Project.EX' Forges Ahead with UE4

Playearth project director Minseok Kang discusses the switch from Unity to Unreal in order to create the ambitious mobile title designed to unite players around the globe.

How Four Devs Survived the Alien World of Aven Colony

Like the colonists on the surface of Aven Prime, the team of four at Mothership Entertainment were building upward in the face of uncertainty.

Ripstone Discusses the Impact of UE4 on the Development of Chess Ultra

Ripstone's lead programmer explains how a small team with big ambitions was able to leverage Unreal Engine 4 to deliver a high-quality, multi-platform experience.

How New Developers Rebuilt a Banana Republic for Tropico 6

As control of the series shifts to a new despotic studio, its codebase is switching to a new engine – to Unreal Engine 4 and a picturesque, multi-island simulation.

Insurgency: Sandstorm Wants to be the Indie Film of Military Shooters

Insurgency is starting to feel less like a title and more like an approach for New World Interactive, the Amsterdam team of 35 founded by veteran Half-Life 2 modders.

Starfighter Inc. is a Hardcore Space Shooter from Crysis' Lead Designer

The term ‘space simulation’ is bandied about a lot, but few take their simulation as seriously as Starfighter Inc.

Soluis Group & Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group - Building RED in UE4

Using UE and their Immersive Reality Portal, Soluis Group have created an astonishing look and feel for the new Radisson RED hotel in Brussels. Witness where real ends, and Unreal begins.

Revving the Engine: All Walls Must Fall

The year is 2089. The place, Berlin. The wall never fell. And now, something terrible is going to happen because of it. Only you, a time travelling secret agent, can stop it. By clubbing.

Why the Creator of Reaching for Petals Put His Mum in His Game

This first-person adventure portrays a kind of remembered hyper-reality, though the real world creeps into it in other ways.

How Woodbound Gets its Beauty from Studio Ghibli

The most striking thing about Woodbound is an art style that’s defined by light and space. But it wasn’t always this way.

How The Wizards Perfected the Art of Throwing Fireballs

In Carbon Studio’s VR game, you live the battle experiences of a mage, one-to-one.