Deathwatch: Tyranid makes mobile shine

By Tom Ohle

The team at Rodeo Games is on a mission to create the best turn-based strategy games for mobile devices. To help them achieve that, they’ve chosen Unreal Engine 4 to power the upcoming Deathwatch: Tyranid Invasion, a game that seeks to capture the unforgettable Warhammer 40K tabletop experience on iOS.

After developing the award-winning Warhammer Quest, Rodeo set out to create its next game, researching available engines to help them deliver the top-quality strategy game they wanted to make. Unreal Engine 4 stood out, as it offered the team AAA-quality technology and iOS support right out of the proverbial box, allowing them to jump right into development of the core game experience.

Deathwatch Screen 1

The engine’s advanced visual capabilities have given the developers and artists the freedom to recreate the Warhammer experience without being bound by technological constraints. Unreal Engine 4 is an ideal fit for the team’s vision of the game, allowing players to pan around the battlefield and have full control over the camera as they plan their next move. That’s quite important when you have hordes of parasitic Tyranids bearing down on your units!

Deathwatch Screen 2

Deathwatch: Tyranid Invasion is set for release on iOS this summer as a premium title, offering both single-player and multiplayer gameplay for up to four players. Find out more at http://www.rodeogames.co.uk/deathwatch/.

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