U-505 Simulator

Become a German U-Boat Captain with Unreal Engine

By Keef Sloan

On June 4, 1944 the German U-505 submarine was captured by the US Navy, along with her codebooks, Enigma machine and other top secret materials that ultimately helped the Allied codebreakers.

 Since 1954 this ship has been a permanent exhibit at the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry, and it’s now the only place in the US that you can also experience what it was like to captain one of these massive war machines, thanks to Unreal Engine and developer Leviathan.
“Leviathan was founded to transform physical environments into exceptional experiences by pairing cinematic content with groundbreaking interactivity.” explained Chad Hutson, Leviathan CEO. “When we had an opportunity to pitch on the U-505 dive simulator everyone jumped hard and fast to use Unreal Engine for that.” And so the U-505 experience for museum visitors was born.
The submarine itself is massive - the length of a football field and five stories tall - so using Unreal Engine allowed Leviathan and the museum to tell the story in the detail that it needed to be told in.
You can find out more about this amazing project by watching this case study above.

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