Strand-based hair and fur (Experimental)
Create more convincing human characters and furry or hairy creatures, with the new ability to simulate and render hundreds of thousands of photoreal hairs at up to real-time speeds from grooms authored in DCC packages. Strands can follow skin deformations for realistic fur and facial hair. The system features an advanced hair shader and rendering system and integrated physics simulation.
Nondestructive landscape creation and editing tools (Beta)
Create and edit large terrains directly within the Unreal Editor with the new ability to add multiple height maps and paint layers to a landscape, and to edit them independently of each other. Plus, use Blueprint to create unique custom brushes, such as one that automatically fits the height of the landscape to the bottom of buildings.
Atmospheric skies
Create realistic real-time outdoor environments—including sunsets and space views—in a few clicks. The Sun Positioner now contains a new physically based SkyAtmosphere component that enables you to render an atmosphere that can be viewed from the ground or from the air, and to dynamically change the time of day.