Epic is committed to independent game developers everywhere and we’ve collected a number of valuable resources to help you on your path to creating your dream project.

Contact Alias

Need to talk to somebody at Epic? Reach out to the Evangelism team. We are here to answer your questions, offer guidance, and put you in contact with the right people.

Contact: indies@unrealengine.com

Epic MegaGrants

Epic Games has committed $100 million to support game developers, enterprise professionals, media and entertainment creators, students, educators, and tool developers doing amazing things with Unreal Engine or enhancing open-source capabilities for the 3D graphics community. Show us your projects and you could earn a financial grant to help fuel your success!

Meet the Team

We have a growing team of global evangelists who want to help you! Find the evangelist closest to you right here, right now.


Unreal developers are in your area looking to connect! Attend an Unreal Engine Meetup to share tips, tricks, and discuss game development in Unreal Engine.


With a wealth of high-quality assets (both paid and free), the UE Marketplace is designed to help you kick-start your next project or find exactly what you need to keep your existing project on track. Start browsing now!


Are you looking to implement the Unreal Engine logo in your project or marketing materials? From official artwork and logos to info on modifying our logo to suit your project’s own aesthetic, it’s all right here.

Epic Online Services

We're making it easier and faster for developers to successfully launch, operate, and scale high-quality games. As a game developer ourselves, we've tackled numerous hard problems over the years. With Epic Online Services, we're sharing the fruits of our labor with the rest of the development community for free.

Epic Games Store

Want to know more about the Epic Games Store? Do you think your game would be a good candidate for our store? Fill out the application at the bottom of the Epic Games Store about page.

Releasing Your Game

You're almost ready to ship your game and begin collecting revenue. So, what’s next? There are just a few simple steps you need to follow before you publish. This link will serve as your guide.

Reporting Royalties

Congrats, your game has been released and is selling! Time to check in and report your royalties. The following form allows you to do just that.  

Custom Licensing

Are you interested in reducing or eliminating royalty payments for an upfront fee? Do you need custom legal terms or dedicated support? Custom Licensing might be right for you. Click here to get started.


AnswerHub is a resource for developers to help each other succeed with UE4. It's a great place to search for solutions and ask questions. If you have knowledge to share, want to establish yourself as an expert, or make connections, please jump in and answer questions.