HP VR Launch Kit

Easily incorporate VR development into your design visualization process with a kit that brings together helpful software tools.

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HP VR Launch Kit for Unreal Engine helps address the barrier to VR adoption.  


Demonstrate the Power of VR


Easily show your stakeholders the advantages of VR in a design workflow with the Experience Showcase, featuring a range of VR capabilities such as the cross sectioning and parts explosion of complex assemblies.  


Evaluate Your Hardware


It’s simple to profile your existing hardware to determine how it measures up to your design visualization needs.  Get comprehensive reports with the VR Performance Profiler.


Try it with your own data


Save time and embrace high-quality VR performance with Unreal Studio, a set of tools for seamlessly importing CAD and DCC files into Unreal Engine. Use Unreal Studio with the HP VR Launch Kit to accelerate VR adoption.

Unreal Studio is a separate offering. See https://www.unrealengine.com/en-US/studio for complete details.

Kickstart the VR Learning Curve

Gain access to content that will help you become more comfortable with Unreal Engine, including realistic manufacturing and architecture datasets, templates and tutorials.


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The Impact of VR in Design
Staffan Hagberg
Business Director, Animech
“The quality of the VR has really come to a point where everyone really wants to use it.  And the wow factor is bigger than it has ever been before.”
Stephen Phillips
CTO and co-founder of Theia Interactive
“With our virtual reality design meetings that we've been able to provide for clients, they've had 10 or so people all in one room looking at a virtual model, pointing out mistakes faster than they've ever done before.”
HP VR Ready Solutions powered by Intel® Processors give you the ultimate performance for VR content creation and fully-immersive experiences.