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Unreal Futures: Careers in Advertising

New to Unreal Engine? Explore the Advertising industry with MediaMonks and create your first 3D advertisement for your portfolio.


In our new online learning pathway Unreal Futures: Careers in Advertising, you’ll see how global creative partner MediaMonks teams up with OreoTM to innovate and disrupt advertising production. 

Next, you'll create your own cookie commercial, swapping out product packaging, adjusting lighting and camera animation to create a realistic-looking TV ad—and a great real-time 3D portfolio piece.

The full lesson includes: 
  • An overview of the Advertising industry
  • Six project tutorials
  • Free Marketplace assets
  • Career advice video
  • Student guide and careers guide
  • Teacher guide

Context of Lesson: no prior knowledge is specifically required to complete this lesson. 

You will learn how to:

  • Understand the basic principles of animation and interactive 3D by practicing the use of tools like Unreal Engine and Sequencer to become a creator of a 3D virtual environment.
  • Identify and describe the characteristics of the real world (lighting, materials, visual angles) that are necessary to create a realistic virtual 3D environment.
  • Revise and develop a solution to a real-world problem (creating a product advertisement) by breaking the problem down into smaller, more manageable steps that can be solved through computational thinking.
  • Analyze solutions to complex real-world problems by comparing and contrasting different solutions (real-time rendering vs. offline rendering vs. live recreation) and listing the constraints of each.

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  • Course Length:3 hours 0 minutes
  • Author:Unreal Engine
  • Release date:02-2021