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Unreal Engine Kickstart for Developers

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In this course, you’ll get a comprehensive breakdown of the key components that make up Unreal Engine.


Join Epic Games’ Sjoerd de Jong and Mario Palmero as they dissect the different facets of Unreal Engine. Each course includes a discussion on the history and philosophy of the technology, a schematic breakdown, and tips and tricks for different Unreal Engine features and workflows.

You will learn how to:

  • Recognize the major features Unreal Engine has to offer a developer to improve their workflow.
  • Appreciate the rationale and philosophy and history behind the decisions for each feature.
  • Identify tips and tricks for getting started and using Unreal Engine.

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  • Course Length:7 hours 24 minutes
  • Course amount:8 courses
  • Author:Sjoerd de Jong and Mario Palmero
  • Release date:04-2021