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Twin Stick Shooter with Blueprints

This course looks at the Twin Stick Shooter project, walking through a Blueprints/C++ workflow. Learn the coding framework, including how to build up characters, how to pass damage via Blueprints, and much more.


This series will introduce us to the Twin Stick Shooter project. Zak Parrish will walk through creating a primarily Blueprints project, with a small portion of provided C++ code. The course will also have you work through a Blueprints/C++ workflow, showing how easy it is to work with both. Zak will cover the coding framework and how to leverage it to build different parts of the project: building up characters from a Base Class, how to pass damage via Blueprints, and much more. By the end of the course, you will have a working Twin Stick Shooter project and an understanding of all the tools and workflows which go into making it. 

You will learn how to:

  • Create a first-person shooter using the Twin Stick Shooter project and Blueprints.
  • Build an animated character from a base class.
  • Pass damage through Blueprint communication.
  • Recognize the relationship between the AI controller and a character AI to be able to control the influence the AI controller has.
  • Create a HUD to visualize gameplay data and apply it to the screen.

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  • Course Length:4 hours 0 minutes
  • Author:Zak Parrish
  • Release date:08-2019