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Preparing Design Data for Optimal Performance

This course teaches the basics of moving design data into Unreal Engine from applications like 3ds Max, and introduces functionality like lightmaps, creating collisions, and adjusting textures in the engine.


As of Unreal Engine 4.24, the features of Unreal Studio have been incorporated into Unreal Engine and are now available to all users for free. You may continue to use existing versions of Unreal Studio, however they will no longer be supported.

Matt Doyle will show you the primary concepts needed to ensure your design data moves flawlessly into Unreal Engine, including best practices in applications like 3ds Max, setting proper units & UVs, and adjusting level of detail. Once inside Unreal Engine, you will be introduced to functionality like lightmaps, creating collisions, and adjusting textures.

You will learn how to:

  • Understand how to structure a clean and organized file naming system.
  • Organize UV maps to ensure textures on materials are applied correctly and effectively on assets in a level.
  • Recognize the importance of clean geometry and the relationship geometry optimization has with the Datasmith pipeline
  • Understand how Datasmith handles different material types when importing a scene to ensure a fast material workflow.
  • Export projects from 3DS Max to the Unreal Editor using Datasmith and other 3rd party applications.

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  • Course Length:1 hour 41 minutes
  • Author:Matt Doyle
  • Release date:03-2018