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Physics-Based Shotviz

Film & Television
Virtual Production
In this course, you’ll learn about shotviz. Save time and money while filming on location when you scout and pre-plan setups using physically accurate lighting and cameras on a virtual location.


To save time and money while on set, filmmakers often visualize their script before filming. Using physically accurate cameras and lights in Unreal Engine combined with CG versions of practical environments and actors, filmmakers can work out the combination of staging, camera and lens, and light required to achieve their vision before they get to location.

Deepak Chetty breaks down the process as he creates physically accurate shotviz renders and overview diagrams for use on set.

You will learn how to:

  • Use virtual lens selection to approximate real-world lens options while considering focal length, focus distance, and aperture.
  • Enable manual exposure mode on a single camera, as well as on all cameras in a project using a post process volume.
  • Simulate a physically accurate camera exposure inside of Unreal Engine using shotviz.
  • Translate and execute storyboards for a live-action shoot that is constrained by real-world physics and equipment with shotviz.
  • Export the shot visualization frames out of Sequencer with the appropriate camera and shot information burned in.

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  • Course Length:1 hour 45 minutes
  • Author:Deepak Chetty
  • Release date:02-2020