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Optimizing Projects for Real-Time

In this course, you’ll learn techniques to enhance performance and improve user experience when working on Unreal Engine projects.


It can be a daunting task for a 3D visualization artist to move a design from a traditional 3D rendering application to a real-time application and feel confident they’ll still have a fast and comfortable user experience. While great strides have been made in making it easy to transfer geometry and materials with Datasmith, understanding the aspects of the engine that affect performance and enable a comfortable experience for the user are not so straightforward.

Maximizing performance—where milliseconds matter—is a challenge even for intermediate and advanced users. The techniques and knowledge they need are far outside the requirements of a traditional renderer.

This course will help provide an understanding of the many ways users can improve performance in their Unreal Engine projects, identify some major barriers that are common to AEC projects, and provide some solutions to overcome them.

You will learn how to:

  • Identify what affects performance in real-time visualization projects.
  • Enable settings to visualize computational bottlenecks.
  • Modify project settings to improve performance.
  • Apply in-engine functionality to simplify and optimize imported assets.
  • Prepare Datasmith scenes for import following best practices.

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  • Course Length:37 minutes
  • Author:Steve Biegun
  • Release date:05-2021