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Introduction to AI with Blueprints

Film & Television
Virtual Production
This course introduces Unreal Engine's AI tools, exploring how AI agents work within a video game environment and the systems used to achieve realistic behaviors.


This course will introduce Unreal Engine's AI tools and present them as part of a high-level mental model of how AI agents work within a video game environment. 

The course will cover Navigation, Perception, Behavior Trees, and the Environment Query System (EQS). As each of these systems is introduced, they will be demonstrated practically within Unreal Engine using the Blueprint visual scripting system. 

The final result will be an AI agent that senses the world around them, considers what to do based upon those senses, and navigates the world intelligently in order to reach a specified goal. 

You will learn how to:

  • Create and configure an AI character controller.
  • Create, configure, and implement navigation mesh.
  • Recognize what behavior trees are, why they are popular, and how to follow the flow of execution.
  • Understand services, tasks, and decorators.
  • Configure a stimuli source, an AI perception component, and test them using the AI debugger.

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  • Course Length:2 hours 25 minutes
  • Author:Chris Wilson
  • Release date:02-2020