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Getting to Know Materials for Design Visualization

This course introduces the basics of creating PBR (Physically Based Rendered) Materials for archviz, including how to use the Material Editor, supported texture formats, and using Material expressions.


In this course, Mathew Doyle will introduce you to the basics of a PBR (Physically Based Rendered materials), how to use the Unreal Material Editor and then how to create a simple example PBR Material. Matt will cover supported texture formats, using Material Expressions as well as blend modes and creating a translucency effect. All within the world of architectural design visualization.

You will learn how to:

  • Apply tools found in the Material Editor to create realistic materials to be used in scenes.
  • Locate and utilize commonly used nodes to be able to create realistic materials.
  • Utilize Material Editor nodes to control the tiling and visual effects of a material.
  • Create a simple physically based rendered (PBR) material.

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  • Course Length:57 minutes
  • Author:Matt Doyle
  • Release date:09-2018