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Getting Started in Unreal Engine 4

In this learning path, you’ll explore the basic concepts and techniques required for success in Unreal Engine.


It all needs to start somewhere. By the end of this foundation learning path, you will have experienced and explored some key concepts and techniques for using Unreal Engine. You’ll be prepared to efficiently manage your own projects, organize your assets, and utilize various features of the engine on your way to success. Watch these courses and avoid bad habits from the beginning!

You will learn how to:

  • Navigate the Unreal Editor to confidently use its tools and features.
  • Create the fundamental assets required for an Unreal Engine project.
  • Identify the file structure Unreal Engine projects use, and how they can benefit your development.
  • Build workflows and pipelines which fit your development processes.

Courses in Lesson Path

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  • Course Length:7 hours 13 minutes
  • Course amount:4 courses
  • Author:Mathew Wadstein, Paul Kind, and Sam Deiter
  • Release date:04-2021