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Generating Oddly Oscillating Globe Lenses Yourself

Film & Television
Virtual Production
In this course, you’ll learn how to create googly eyes and add them to objects.


This course will have you using animation and the Control Rig to try out some tools and features surrounding Sequencer and physics. After seeing how the googly eye rig is created, you'll be able to add googly eyes as attachable components and then watch them animate in real time or Sequencer—useful for crazy antics in both cinematics and interactive development.

You will learn how to:

  • Add simple constraints and controls to skeletal meshes for ragdoll effects.
  • Use Control Rig components or blueprints as actor components to add the googly eyes to anything.
  • Set up googly eyes with Control Rig so the bounce can be controlled with Sequencer.

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  • Course Length:32 minutes
  • Author: Alexander Paschall
  • Release date:04-2021