Online Learning Courses

Creating Courses the Epic Way

Find out how to produce online learning courses that keep viewers interested and engaged.


Ever wondered how Epic Games makes its learning content for the Unreal Online Learning portal? In this course, Instructional Designer Joe Radak takes you through the main tenets of creating online learning courses and offers tips and suggestions on how to improve your content. This quick course will benefit everyone from beginner content creators to those who have been producing online instructional content for years.

You will learn how to:

  • Develop strong introductions and conclusions for content that keeps a learner interested and engaged.
  • Plan learning content to achieve learning goals and determine what needs to be taught.
  • Apply instructional best practices to improve learning and knowledge retention.
  • Use recording and editing best practices to improve learning and overall presentation.

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  • Course Length:1 hour 0 minutes
  • Author:Joe Radak
  • Release date:10-2021