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Building Better Pipelines

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Virtual Production
In this master class, we explore ways to take your visualization pipeline to the next level. Learn how to build better meshes, Materials, and textures, as well as how to improve optimization and performance.


Sam Deiter will show you the primary concepts needed to ensure your Unreal Engine project will perform flawlessly no matter what platform is used to run it. This class covers a wide range of optimization and performance topics, including troubleshooting performance issues and best practices for setting up your Static Mesh data for use in UE4.

You will learn how to:

  • Relate the use materials, textures, levels of detail, and static meshes to performance.
  • Determine impact check points for lighting, shadowing, and post processing performace.
  • Use Lightmass and Cull Distance Volumes to define calculation boundaries to improve your levels performance.

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  • Course Length:4 hours 19 minutes
  • Author:Sam Deiter
  • Release date:04-2019