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Blueprint Kickstart

Film & Television
Virtual Production
In this course, you’ll explore the Blueprint visual scripting system and how it can be harnessed for different types of projects.


Blueprint is a powerful visual scripting language in Unreal Engine. In this course, Sjoerd De Jong and Mario Palermo explore how Blueprint interacts with systems in Unreal Engine. They dive into how Blueprint workflows can be applied to different facets of Unreal Engine, and used in the development of different types of projects.

You will learn how to:

  • Review Epic Games philosophy for creating Blueprint projects and the assets which form them.
  • Apply the different types of Blueprint Actors and assets used to build out a Blueprint project.
  • Explore tips, tricks and advice when creating Blueprint projects based on Epic Games' experiences.

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  • Course Length:57 minutes
  • Author:Sjoerd De Jong and Mario Palmero Pavon
  • Release date:03-2020