MetaHuman Creator

High-fidelity digital humans made easy

MetaHuman Creator is a cloud-based app that empowers anyone to create photorealistic digital humans, fully rigged and complete with hair and clothing, in minutes. 

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Meet some of the real humans behind the MetaHumans

MetaHuman Creator has been decades in the making. Companies like 3Lateral and Cubic Motion have been pushing the limits of digital human creation for years. Now, as part of Epic Games, they've been able to push the technology even further—and make it happen in real time. Most importantly, they've made it accessible to everyone. 

Key features

Easy and fun

MetaHuman Creator is so easy to use, you may not even need to open the user guide! Simply select a starting point from the diverse range in the database, choose several more to contribute to your MetaHuman, and blend between them. Then, refine your character with sculpting tools and control guides, just by dragging on the asset.

Hugely variable

With near-infinite variations of facial features and skin complexions, plus an array of different choices for hair, eyes, make-up, and teeth, you can create a huge variety of faces for your projects. Pick the body type you want for your character and dress them with different clothing sets in the tool—soon, you’ll have the perfect MetaHuman.

Physically plausible

MetaHuman Creator derives its data from real-world scans and your adjustments are constrained to fit within the limits of the examples in its database, so it’s simple to make physically plausible MetaHumans. Other factors, such as the carefully selected range of skin tones and hair colors, also help ensure accuracy.

Real-time ready

MetaHumans can run in real time on high-end PCs with RTX graphics cards, even at their highest quality with strand-based hair and ray tracing enabled. Assets come with eight LODs, some of which employ hair cards, enabling you to achieve real-time performance on everything from Android to XSX and PS5.

Rigged for animation

MetaHumans come with a full facial and body rig, ready to animate in Unreal Engine, either keyed, or using a performance capture solution like our own Live Link Face iOS app. There's also support in the works from the vendors of ARKit, DI4D, Digital Domain, Dynamixyz, Faceware, JALI, Speech Graphics, and Cubic Motion solutions.

Source data included

When you're happy with your MetaHuman, you can download it via the free Quixel Bridge application. You'll also get the source data in the form of an Autodesk Maya file, including meshes, skeleton, facial rig, animation controls, and materials, so you can further edit and refine your MetaHuman to your heart's content.

Get over 50 ready-made MetaHumans!

Just want to play with some high-fidelity characters in Unreal Engine? You can download any or all of our diverse selection of over 50 premade, fully rigged MetaHumans directly from the free Quixel Bridge application.

Learning resources

Once you've created and downloaded your MetaHumans, our video tutorial series will take you through how to work with them most effectively in Unreal Engine.
You can also check out the documentation for more tips.

MetaHuman Performance and Scalability Settings

Here, Chris Evans shows you how to get the best performance out of your MetaHumans in Unreal Engine, depending on your hardware. He takes you through all the scalability settings: using the included LODs and the LODSync component, switching from strand-based hair to hair cards, disabling ray tracing, and more.

Using the MetaHuman Facial Rig in Unreal Engine

In this presentation, Adam Walton takes you through using each and every control in the facial rig included with MetaHumans in Unreal Engine. He also explains which ones work well together and which should be considered mutually exclusive. 

Animating MetaHumans with Control Rig in Unreal Engine

In this video, Riham Toulan takes you through animating a MetaHuman with Control Rig in Unreal Engine’s Sequencer. The techniques demonstrated can also be applied to animating any asset rigged with Control Rig, so they're great skills to add to your arsenal!

Community support

Need help, advice, or inspiration? Our vibrant community lets you interact with other MetaHuman Creator users, discuss ideas and issues, and share your new creations.

Got questions?

Looking for more information on MetaHuman Creator, including how you can use the assets? You can find the answers in our FAQ.

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