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Build a Wonder of the World in Fortnite Creative

Fortnite Creative
Who hasn’t marveled at the Great Pyramids or Stonehenge before? Reconstruct them in Fortnite Creative to learn what makes them unique.


Do your students love Fortnite? How would they like to put their passion to work as they develop a variety of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) skills? This lesson plan is designed to do just that by guiding Fortnite players through the building process to create one of the Wonders of the World in Fortnite Creative. Students can work in groups or individually to create their Wonder.

For inspiration, students can explore some of the Wonders of the World that have been built by their favorite creators on YouTube!

Fortnite Creative’s powerful tools allow builders to construct almost any structure, terrain, or environment. By building a Wonder of the World, students will learn about its history, size, location, and purpose. In addition, they will establish the original appearance of their Wonder and compare it with its current look. To accomplish these tasks, students will find photos, graphics, dimensions and floor plans, then translate that information to a scale replica for Fortnite avatars to explore. 

Check out the introductory video: https://youtu.be/ziprAMooYB0
We have determined that the following Wonders of the World are the most educational and best suited for Fortnite Creative Island's capabilities. 
  1. One of the three Great Pyramids of Egypt. The Pyramid of Menkaure is ideal, due to its manageable size.
  2. A section of The Great Wall of China. We recommend the section of extremely steep slopes in Jinshanling. 
  3. Chichén Itzá's El Castillo (Temple of Kukulcan)
  4. Machu Picchu (part or all)
  5. The Colosseum
  6. Stonehenge
  7. The Hanging Gardens of Babylon
  8. The Temple of Artemis

Students will be able to:

  • What the Wonders of the World in this lesson plan are, what they look like, where they are, which one they like the most, and why.
  • Their chosen Wonder’s materials, building dates, and purpose.
  • The exterior and interior design and dimensions of their structure’s walls, doors, windows, halls, rooms, and building site.
  • What their structure looked like when it was new, as compared to today.
  • How to convert measurements in order to create a scale replica in Fortnite Creative.
  • The concept of computer memory usage in relation to the size of a game build.
  • Which materials were available at the time of construction, and how to simulate materials, objects, and plants in Fortnite.
  • Construction practices of the builders, and the engineering techniques they used.
  • The significance of the Wonders of the World.
  • Details about the Wonder they create, as well as those created by their peers.



Grade level

Grades 7-12 (Ages 13+)

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  • Course Length:40 minutes
  • Author:Caleb Clark
  • Release date:07-2021