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Build a virtual history museum in Unreal Engine

Unreal Engine
History can be even more engaging when you feel part of it! In the virtual history museum project, students share what they learn about history by navigating an interactive 3D environment built with Unreal Engine.


Although American history is the focus of this example, any historical narrative can be featured. The final product of this lesson is a playable character walking through a virtual environment populated with a topical library of content on display, e.g., posters, objects, and props that play to the theme or subject matter.

Students will be able to:

  • Create a virtual environment within Unreal Engine.
  • Place images and objects within a virtual world.
  • Teach others what was learned about the historical content they studied.
  • Teach others what was learned about Unreal Engine.



Grade level

Ages 13+

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  • Author:Nick Pant
  • Release date:03-2020