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Unreal Engine is the fastest-growing skill requirement in real-time and 3D graphics. Learn the skills you need to succeed in game development, architecture, film and TV, automotive, and more.


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Master the real-time skills and techniques used in your industry

Sometimes when you're learning something new, it can be difficult to know where to start or where to go next. We’ve curated an in-depth series of recommended courses tailored to specific industries to help you develop the real-time skills you need to succeed. 
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    Get started with games

    Ready to start creating games in Unreal Engine 5? In these courses, you’ll get a tour of the key features and systems used in video game production and learn how to create your first game in UE5. 
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    Learn skills for film & TV

    From animating characters for virtual production to real-time workflows for indie filmmakers, these courses will introduce you to the next generation of filmmaking skills and techniques. 
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    Build your architecture skillset

    Learn how to create stunning architectural visualizations in Unreal Engine. Essential lighting concepts, advanced techniques for materials, and tips on rendering external scenes—it’s all covered here. 
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    Dive into visualization

    Master the fundamentals of real-time visualization. These courses explore everything from getting your data into Unreal Engine to techniques for enhancing performance on projects.


Get instructional guides and references for Unreal Engine’s systems and tools.


Ask questions and help each other succeed in our open support community.

Sample projects

Lyra Starter Game is a sample gameplay project built alongside Unreal Engine 5 development to serve as an excellent starting point for creating new games, as well as a hands-on learning resource. We plan to continue to upgrade this living project with future releases to demonstrate our latest best practices.

The City Sample is a free downloadable sample project that reveals how the city scene from The Matrix Awakens: An Unreal Engine 5 Experience was built. The project—which consists of a complete city with buildings, vehicles, and crowds of MetaHuman characters—demonstrates how we used new and improved systems in Unreal Engine 5 to create the experience. 

An in-depth look at what makes up a MetaHuman character, and how you can use these in your own projects.

Expert advice, on demand

Explore a growing library of webinars dedicated to expanding your Unreal Engine and Twinmotion knowledge. Watch on your own time, learning tips and tricks from our team of product experts. Plus, sign up for upcoming webinars to watch live and participate in the Q&A!

Instructor-led training

Professional training to build your real-time skillset

Private group classes

Learn in a live, virtual classroom setting taught by Epic instructors and authorized training partners. Instructor-led training provides hands-on guidance dedicated to your company’s specific needs.

Find an Unreal Authorized Training Center

With the demand for Unreal Engine skills projected to grow 122% over the next 10 years, we’re partnering with ambitious trainers and training centers across the globe—so you have more ways to meet this opportunity head on.

For students & educators

Free for students. Free for schools.

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But where to start? We have free lessons, example projects, learning paths, downloads, you name it—all tailor-made for students and educators. This is going to be easier than you think.

Demand for Unreal Engine skills is projected to grow 122% over the next 10 years.

Burning Glass Technologies

Visualizing the Future: Demand for 3D Graphics and Real-Time 3D Across the Economy

Creator's field guide

Prepare for the jobs of tomorrow with the Creator's Field Guide

The Creator's Field Guide to Careers in Interactive 3D is a free roadmap for students and job seekers, aimed at helping you navigate the exciting world of interactive 3D careers with guidance on the specific skills and competencies these new roles require.

Knowledge and support for UE5 creators

Need a helping hand on a project? Dive in to the Epic Developer Community and explore tutorials, learning resources, forums, Q&As, and code snippets.