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Automotive & Transportation

From design review to digital showroom, Unreal Engine delivers the highest-fidelity real-time visualizations and immersive experiences so stakeholders can evaluate concepts and configure options with confidence. And, with a 100% royalty-free license and free source code access, you’ll always be in the driver’s seat with an open road ahead.

Your complete solution

For automotive design and visualization, Unreal Engine offers the tools you need to create human-scale interactive and immersive experiences that shorten the design cycle and win over customers and stakeholders.

Digital cockpit development

Focusing on design-driven development, you can now leverage Unreal Engine’s powerful real-time feature set to create best-in-class automotive HMI, infotainment, and digital cockpit experiences. 
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Experience life at high fidelity

Unreal Engine offers the highest-quality photorealistic visuals and experiences, giving you the freedom to iterate on your design without waiting for physical models; offer your customers every option in the catalogue; or take them for a VR test drive without leaving the showroom.

One source of truth

With Unreal Engine, you can store your assets as digital reference models in a centralized repository and access them for all your needs: rapid virtual prototyping, collaborative design reviews, HMI testing, ergonomic studies, and sales and marketing tools.
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Future-proof your investment

Open and extensible, Unreal Engine frees you from black-box limits, and lets you customize your projects as you choose. With Blueprint visual scripting, a robust C++ API, and free source code access, Unreal Engine is a platform you can trust to take you into the future.
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The Automotive Field Guide

Real-time technology is turbocharging processes across the automotive industry, from initial design right the way through to the dealership floor. Download our free Automotive Field Guide and find out how Unreal Engine-powered workflows could transform your business.

Trailblazing manufacturers use Unreal Engine for their real-time workflows

At Audi, we believe that the latest version of Unreal Engine gives us a great opportunity to improve our content production processes to reduce time to market, generate more assets, and get visual consistency with an unified approach.
- Thomas Zuchtriegel, Head of AR/VR Data, Process & Technology, Audi Business Innovation

Case studies

Image courtesy of Audi

Creating a digital showroom: Audi and Mackevision choose UE4

When Audi and partners Mackevision started work on the latest incarnation of their real-time digital showroom, they wanted to provide customers with the most realistic experience possible. Find out why they chose Unreal Engine.
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Key features

visuals and experiences

Achieve visuals and immersive experiences out of the box that are indistinguishable from reality. Unreal Engine's interactive hybrid ray tracer featuring true reflections, dynamic soft shadows, global illumination, and HDR image-based lighting—along with automotive-specific material libraries—provide the fidelity, flexibility, and efficiency you need to create awe-inspiring digital showrooms, configurators, brochures, and videos.

Accelerated, automated
data import and prep

Quickly and easily prepare CAD data—such as Solidworks, Catia, JT, Alias Wire, X-Rite AxF, and many more—for real-time use, or repurpose existing data from VRED and DELTAGEN. Datasmith offers high-fidelity conversion of entire scenes, and nondestructive re-importing lets you iterate to your heart’s content. Automate optimization processes with Python scripting, and easily create configurators with the Variant Manager and Blueprint visual scripting. 

Multi-user collaboration
and immersion

Build and review your design alone or with others at human scale, with support for immersive multi-user collaboration. Reach out, grab, and manipulate objects in the full Unreal Editor running in VR to make design changes in context. Bring participants together in interactive or immersive experiences that let them review designs as a team at high quality, no matter where they’re located—on desktop, on mobile, or in VR. 

Your data,
your choice

Once your asset is in Unreal Engine, the sky’s the limit. You can create immersive experiences using CAVEs or VR HMDs; you can render photorealistic marketing stills and videos; you can use Pixel Streaming to deliver interactive product configurators to customers anywhere in the world. And because you have complete access to the full source code, you can create custom applications we haven’t even thought of yet.

Get the world’s most open and advanced creation platform

No matter which licensing option you choose, there is only one Unreal Engine. With no need for additional plugins or purchases, Unreal Engine comes production-ready out of the box.

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