When it's too dangerous or expensive to train in the real world, or when you need a platform for experimentation, analysis, prototyping, or machine learning, Unreal Engine offers a powerful open solution.
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Create meaningful, high-fidelity real-time simulations in Unreal Engine
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Precision OS delivers orthopedic surgical training in VR
Since making a mistake in the operating theater could have significantly grave consequences, ensuring that orthopedic surgeons get to practice on virtual patients before they operate on real ones makes a lot of sense! Find out how Precision OS is using Unreal Engine to do just that.
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Booz Allen Hamilton harnesses Unreal Engine for mission-critical training
When you’re training paratroopers to identify reference points for new drop zones or predicting the path of airborne hazards, the accuracy and realism of your simulation is critical. That’s just one of the reasons Booz Allen Hamilton turns to Unreal Engine.
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Mechanical Simulation makes autonomous vehicles safer before they hit the road
Mechanical Simulation, maker of vehicle simulation programs CarSim and TruckSim, gives autonomous vehicle developers unprecedented opportunities to iterate and visualize test scenarios with an Unreal Engine plugin.
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Cubic makes waves in the training and simulation community with UE4
What happens when training and simulation meets gaming, and suits meet T-shirts? Find out how Cubic Global Defense uses Unreal Engine 4 to deliver thousands of hours of compelling, high-quality, immersive content for the US Navy, and has changed a culture along the way.
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Simulating the real world
From creating critical training scenarios for personnel in the defense, medical, and aerospace industries, to using machine learning to advance the capabilities of autonomous vehicles, Unreal Engine is the free, open, proven solution for your simulation needs.
An open box of potential
With Unreal Engine as your platform, you're in charge of your own destiny. Offering free source code access, a robust C++ API, and Python and Blueprint scripting, Unreal Engine is fully customizable and extensible—ready to evolve in step with your needs for a future-proofed solution that won't tie you down.
High-fidelity real-time rendering—made easy
When the realism of a training experience or simulation is critical for its success, it's good to know that Unreal Engine offers the highest-quality real-time rendering out of the box. And now with real-time ray tracing, it's easier than ever to get convincing effects like true reflections, shadows, and ambient occlusion.
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