Tappy Chicken HTML5 FAQ

  • Q: Why do I get a message about my browser not being supported?

    A: This is new technology based on the latest web standards. Not all browsers currently use these standards. We expect most or all browsers to eventually support this demo, which requires WebGL and JavaScript, and benefits from asm.js. For an optimal experience right now, we recommend the latest Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Opera.

    Please note: If your browser does support WebGL, you should be able to try Tappy Chicken HTML5, though it may result in a browser crash or other similar issues. As WebGL becomes more widely adopted, these issues should be resolved with later browser versions.

  • Q. How do I play Tappy Chicken?

    A. Click or tap to make your chicken flap. Collect eggs, but don’t touch the posts, or you’ll have to start over from scratch!

  • Q: Can you explain a little about the technology that makes this possible?

    A. Mozilla is working to bring content to the Web and have it run at near native speeds. Using Emscripten to cross-compile C and C++ applications into JavaScript, Mozilla can bring large, high-performance applications to HTML5. This technology is cross-browser as it outputs standard compliant JavaScript. The output from Emscripten also follows a stricter form of JavaScript called asm.js. It’s possible to optimize for this subset, as has been done in Firefox, to run within 2x of native speeds. Existing web standards such as WebGL and other Web APIs provide the hardware access needed to deliver incredible gaming experiences as shown by the Unreal Engine 4-powered Tappy Chicken demo.

  • Q: How do I modify or make my own Tappy Chicken?

    A. First, sign up for Unreal Engine 4. Download the UE4 tools, and install example content, including Tappy Chicken, from Marketplace.

    Through your subscription, you can also access the UE4 C++ source code through GitHub. This, however, is certainly not required for making your own Tappy-style app.

    Check out UE4 tutorials and our Getting Started docs. Pay special attention to the UE4 Blueprint Tutorials playlist, as Tappy Chicken was created entirely though Blueprint visual scripting.

    When you're ready to dig into the content, open the Tappy Chicken sample game in the Unreal Editor.

    From here, you can study the Blueprint network in-depth and make changes as desired.

    Helpful links and discussions:


  • Pretty 2D style visuals with procedural level generation

  • Easy yet hard to master gameplay

  • Small download size

  • iOS: Game Center leaderboards, achievements and iAd integration

  • Android: Google Play leaderboards, achievements and AdMob support

  • HTML5/WebGL: Emscripten toolchain; runs in Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Opera

  • Built by one artist using UE4 Blueprint visual scripting

  • Easy to modify and extend

  • Code and content available through unrealengine.com