The Hillside sample project

Download the Hillside sample project for Unreal Engine 5 and Reality Capture

Images courtesy of Safdie Architects | Neoscape


Hillside Sample Project

Moshe Safdie’s Habitat 67 wasn’t just one of the most important buildings of the 60s, it was an inspiring vision of what affordable living could be. Sadly, scope and funding never aligned, making the popular project something of an unfinished dream. 

Today, Safdie’s original vision can be explored in all its (virtual) glory with Unreal Engine, providing the next generation of architects, engineers, and urban planners an interactive reference point for creating a better tomorrow.

Diving deeper

Diving deeper

Hearing about Hillside is one thing, seeing it for yourself is another. Thanks to Safdie Architects and Neoscape, you can experience this virtual wonder in whichever way works best for you. 

Take an interactive or guided spin through the Hillside experience

Explore freely or have Safdie take you through Hillside and the World’s Fair site in this easy-to-use experience in-browser with Google Streaming*. Real-time 3D experience powered by MONKEYWAY.

For any questions on Google Streaming, contact the Google team here.

*Available on desktop only, mobile devices not supported.

The Safdie story

How Neoscape and Safdie Architects got from Habitat 67 to Hillside

Get all the full story on Hillside, from the genesis of Habitat 67 to how Unreal Engine and RealityCapture helped bring Safdie's original vision to life.

A cinematic take

Watch Neoscape’s animation and see Hillside come to life 

Watch a beautifully animated tour of the Hillside project from Neoscape that was created in a couple of clicks thanks to UE Path Tracing, Lumen, and Movie Render Queue.

Sample Project

Download Now

If you want to get hands-on with every part of Hillside, now’s your chance. Download now for full access to all the interiors, exteriors, and 3D surroundings of this photorealistic experience.

Sample Projects

Hillside Sample Project

Explore and tweak every part of Hillside within Unreal Engine and RealityCapture, including interiors, exteriors, and the surrounding environment.

The Safdie Experience

Explore freely or have architect Moshe Safdie take you through Hillside and the World’s Fair site himself in this easy-to-use executable.

Download the Habitat 67 scan data

Comb through all the LIDAR and photogrammetry mesh data gathered while scanning Habitat 67.

Learning and Training

Unpacking Hillside

Some helpful hints

This tutorial series will make it even easier to navigate Hillside Sample and its key features 

Hillside Documentation

Let’s get technical

Explore our documentation to dive into the technical details of the Sample Project

Capturing Reality

How to approach large scans

We can show you how! Learn how to process and manage large data scans in RealityCapture today.
Inside Unreal

Watch our webinar

Hear from Neoscape and Epic Games as they crack open the project files and explore how they brought the Hillside sample project to life. Learn more in our latest webinar.

Frequently asked questions

General information

Hillside utilized features and developments from Unreal Engine 5.2 and RealityCapture 1.2.1, so we recommend using them.
A high-end PC or laptop running on an RTX 3080 (minimum). For the full experience, we recommend an RTX A6000. 
Unfortunately, the use or representation of the Hillside/Habitat 67 buildings are for educational and non-commercial uses only. The cars, trees, materials and any of the UE utilities or Blueprints from the project can be re-used however you want, though.


Yes, we encourage users to download the project files and use them for a variety of educational applications.
No, as long as they are not used for commercial content. It can be used to learn and teach.