Unreal Engine

Depending on how you intend to use Unreal Engine, you can choose from a number of licensing options.
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License options

Everything is included!

No matter which licensing option you choose, there is only one Unreal Engine. With every feature and full source code access included, Unreal Engine comes fully loaded out of the box.

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There's a wide range of resources to help you on our Support page.

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If you require terms that reduce or eliminate royalty for an upfront fee, or if you need custom legal terms or premium Epic support, we’re here to help.

If you’re looking for information about Unreal Engine in general, or for answers to questions about licensing, royalties, Unreal Engine 5, Epic Megagrants, access to source code, educational use, or Twinmotion, visit our comprehensive FAQ

If you’re looking for help with installing or using Unreal Engine, visit our Support page, where you’ll find links to a wide range of resources including AnswerHub, the right place to ask your technical questions and get answers from the community.