Unreal Fellowship

For virtual production

What is the Unreal Fellowship?

The Unreal Fellowship is a 30-day intensive blended learning experience designed to help experienced industry professionals in film, animation, and VFX learn Unreal Engine, develop a strong command of state-of-the-art virtual production tools, and foster the next generation of teams in the emerging field of real-time production.

In-depth training and funding for media and entertainment professionals to learn real-time production

Learn remotely

Learn from experts with live training, guest lectures, and mentorship from top VFX veterans.
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Virtual production from the ground up

During the program, Fellows will learn Unreal Engine fundamentals, model ingestion, animation and mocap integration, lookdev, lighting setups, and cinematic storytelling.
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A new era of storytelling

Fellows will accelerate learning through the production of animated content and other projects. Interactive storytelling exercises provide a unique learning path that is augmented with mentorship from Epic’s instructors and guest speakers.
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The help you need to succeed

Epic’s mission is to ease you into the world of real-time technology and help you succeed in building teams that are proficient with the latest storytelling tools and techniques.
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Start your journey now

Check out the new Virtual Production Primer to access over 15 hours of curated content. Learn how to work with the Unreal Editor, projects, file structures, and more. Gain a better understanding of producing content in real time, including key aspects of performance and design consideration. Discover what goes into creating world-class virtual production pipelines and how to deploy them.
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What's next?

Thank you for your interest in the Unreal Fellowship program. The application for the current Fellowship is now closed. Please register your interest to receive updates for future opportunities and information on how to access learning resources for virtual production.

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