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VR Games Week

February 20-24, 2023

All throughout this week, we're going to be highlighting awesome Unreal Engine-powered VR games. This will include taking a dive into recent releases like Hubris, looking back at critically-acclaimed titles like Moss: Book II, and interviewing studios that are working on several exciting upcoming VR projects that are launching across PlayStation VR2, Meta Quest, PCVR headsets, and more. This Thursday, we will also feature an Inside Unreal livestream focused on VR development.

We've got a ton of VR content coming your way so sit tight and strap yourselves (and your headsets) in!

Monday, February 20
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Hubris is a graphically gorgeous VR adventure

Developed by Belgian developer Cyborn, who comes from a media and entertainment background, Hubris captures the scope, scale, and beauty of AAA games, but finds a whole new perspective in virtual reality.

In case you missed it… Lies Beneath

Developer Drifter shares how it executed on Lies Beneath comic-book visuals and designed the VR horror game’s environments, weapons, enemies, and more.

Tuesday, February 21

Don’t Blink: Supermassive’s new horror game Switchback VR is watching you

Supermassive Games first PS VR2 title leverages eye tracking, haptics and Unreal Engine to deliver heart-pounding horror.
Image courtesy of Skydance Interactive

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners Chapter 2 continues to raise the VR bar

Developer Skydance Interactive details the keys to successful VR game development.

In case you missed it… Resident Evil 4 VR

How the team behind Resident Evil 4 VR brought one of the most beloved games in history into virtual reality using Unreal Engine.

Wednesday, February 22

Unreal Engine PlayStation®VR2 launch titles

Unreal Engine-powered PlayStation®VR2 launch titles include Horizon Call of the Mountain, The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR, Saints & Sinners - Chapter 2: Retribution, and more.
Skydance Interactive | Guerilla Games & Firesprite | ©2023 Supermassive Games Limited
Image courtesy of Smilegate Entertainment

CROSSFIRE: Sierra Squad brings the FPS franchise to a new reality

CROSSFIRE: Sierra Squad sees the fast-paced first-person shooter moving into virtual reality. Developer Smilegate explains how Unreal Engine and an Epic MegaGrant helped build an immersive experience on PlayStation®VR2.

In case you missed it… Tetris Effect

The developers behind Tetris Effect explain how they leveraged tech like VR and Unreal Engine’s particle system to create the game’s otherworldly experience.
Image courtesy of Monstars
Image courtesy of nDreams

In case you missed it… Phantom: Covert Ops

nDreams Game Director Lewis Brundish and Technical Director Grant Bolton talk about how they developed a stealth VR shooter that takes place entirely from a kayak.

Thursday, February 23

Another Fisherman's Tale pushes boundaries as the sequel to 2019's award-winning VR puzzler

Following the award-winning A Fisherman’s Tale, INNERSPACEVR returns with an all-new virtual reality puzzle experience. Another Fisherman’s Tale continues to push the boundaries of the medium while offering a charming adventure for protagonist Bob the Fisherman to explore.

In case you missed it… Moss Book II

Studio Polyarc details how it used Blueprints and State Machines to experiment and collaborate with Moss: Book II's development.
Image courtesy of Polyarc

Inside Unreal | What You Didn't Know About VR Development in Unreal Engine

Join hosts Alex Coulombe (CEO, Agile Lens: Immersive Design), Victor Brodin (XR Product Specialist), and Tina Wisdom (Community Manager) as they celebrate VR week with rapid fire tips and tricks about VR development in Unreal Engine that you might not have known about. From spectator camera’s to walking modes and even hand tracking—they walk through it all + follow up with a live Q&A segment.

Friday, February 24
Image courtesy of Sony Interactive Entertainment, Guerrilla, and Firesprite

Guerilla Games talks about how Horizon Call of the Mountain leverages PlayStation VR2 to deliver next-gen VR gameplay

Guerrilla Games Studio Director and Studio Art Director Jan-Bart van Beek talks about the development behind the VR game Horizon Call of the Mountain.

Firewall Ultra uses Unreal Engine 5 to evolve the VR shooter franchise on PlayStation®VR2

Developer First Contact Entertainment explains how it pushed its squad-based shooter forward with Firewall Ultra, utilizing next-gen tech like the PlayStation®VR2 and Unreal Engine 5.
Image courtesy of First contact Entertainment

In case you missed it… Asgard’s Wrath

Creative Director Mat Kraemer and Technical Director Evan Arnold share how the studio is developing next-gen VR swordplay, provide their thoughts on the future of VR, and more.

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