August 30, 2016

Virtual Reality Challenge Commences in London This Weekend

By Dana Cowley

VRFocus recently announced the Virtual Reality Challenge (VRC), which will present the largest VR Game Jam ever held in the UK. Set to take place at Google’s Campus London on September 3-4, the event will span two days with participants creating new Unreal Engine 4-powered VR games within 24 hours.

Epic Games has partnered with VRFocus to give participants the opportunity to win HTC Vive Pre developer kits, which Valve is providing as part of Epic’s Unreal Dev Grants program

Mentors from several leading UK studios, including Climax Studios, CherryPop Games and Supermassive Games, will be on hand throughout the weekend to offer advice and guidance to participants as they build their VR games with UE4.

On Saturday, VRFocus will reveal the jam’s central theme to eight teams of three members, who will then have 24 hours to creatively interpret the concept and develop their own unique experience for HTC Vive based around it. 

Big thanks to NVIDIA for providing prototyping and deployment PCs, which will be equipped with the company’s flagship GeForce GTX 1080 graphics cards, for use on-site.

During the VRC’s conclusion on Sunday, judges will select a winning team, and Epic will award each of the member of the victorious group with an HTC Vive to encourage future work in VR.

Interested in attending? Visit the Eventbrite registration page here.