November 30, 2020 - December 4, 2020


UPDATE: IITSEC 2020 has now concluded.

IITSEC is back for another exciting year—and in 2020, the show is going virtual! Join us as we showcase the latest innovations in training and simulation. Ease of use of geospatial content, as well as interoperability either on premises or through cloud deployment, have been very important sources of innovation in the Unreal Engine ecosystem this year. 

We are proud to pave the way towards a new simulation paradigm, and we are committed to supporting the simulation community.

Featured speakers

Tess Butler

Ruddy Nice Ltd.
Tess has worked in military simulation, training, and education for 20 years, starting with the UK's Royal Navy in 1999 and moving on to work with military and defense organizations all over the world. In 2011 Tess established Ruddy Nice Ltd to provide this independent expertise to both military and industry customers, and continues to do this alongside owning and running the Defence Simulation Education and Training Conference.

Tom Constable

Vice President, Innovation
Tom is a former British Army Officer turned technology innovator who has spent over a decade managing and leading both Regular and Reserve forces. His strong entrepreneurial background has led him to his current position focusing on productizing exciting and innovative technologies for SimCentric. Tom is an ardent advocate of virtual reality and is responsible for leading the team and product vision for SimCentric’s Unreal Engine Military Simulation Platform (SAF-TAC).

Patrick Cozzi

Patrick works at the intersection of computer graphics and geospatial to create next-generation software and standards. He is the co-creator of glTF, the open-standard 3D model format, and a former chair of the Khronos 3D Formats Working Group. Patrick started Cesium, the platform for 3D geospatial, and 3D Tiles, an OGC Community Standard for massive heterogeneous 3D geospatial data. He has also been a university teacher and contributor to several industry books.

Alison Fehling

Global Mixed Reality Lead for Defense & Intelligence
Alison is Microsoft’s Mixed Reality Global Lead for the Defense and Intelligence sector, working with customers in the US DoD and Intelligence Community, and Ministries of Defense worldwide. Previously, she worked at the Central Intelligence Agency in various analyst capacities, including working in the Counterterrorism Center following 9/11. Alison has a deep appreciation and understanding of how Mixed Reality can transform the military and defense mission space.

Sébastien Lozé

Industry Manager, Training & Simulation
Epic Games
With more than 15 years of experience in the simulation domain, Seb has been involved in strategy and software development of many simulation solutions (namely at CAE, Presagis, and CM Labs). He is now the Simulations Industry Manager for Unreal Engine at Epic Games. If you are building virtual reality applications in order to train machines or train humans, he wants to hear from you.

Pete Rivera

Sr. Managing Director
Digital Advisory Services - Federal, Microsoft
Pete is a senior managing director in Microsoft’s Federal Digital Advisory CTO organization. In this role, his team finds value for customers with emerging technologies and transformative business models. Most recently, Pete has been leading an effort to expand the cloud footprint of Microsoft's Hyperscale in serious gaming, advanced modeling and simulation, and high-performance compute and AI/ML applications across the federal landscape.

Chris Torchia

Chris started in the simulation and training industry in 2010 when he founded Vigilante. A graduate of cell and molecular biology, he first worked as a technical scientist at Thermo Fisher Scientific before serving as Art Director of DayZ at Bohemia Interactive and then Global Manager of Art at Bohemia Interactive Simulations. 2019 was a year of expansion of Vigilante and Chris continues promoting the idea of pushing visual fidelity further in a cost effective way.

Sean Young

Global Director of Business Development for the Manufacturing Industry
Sean is NVIDIA’s Global Director of Business Development for the Manufacturing Industry, responsible for linking the world’s product development innovators with NVIDIA’s revolutionary VR, visualization, simulation, engineering, and AI technologies. Sean holds an MBA from Queen’s University in Canada, and has 20 years of experience in the field of hardware and software for the manufacturing industry. 

Live virtual presentations

Unreal Engine is a premier sponsor at vIITSEC with a virtual booth. Stop by the virtual show floor and check out what we have in store for you. Interact with demos we’ve loaded in the cloud, and watch daily live presentations by Sébastien Lozé, Epic’s Training and Simulation Industry Manager, and other training and simulation experts. 

During the entire event, we’ll be available in our virtual booth and in the networking channel in the vIITSEC virtual show floor. Join us there, and let’s connect. As we get closer to the opening of the show, more information will follow, so stay tuned!

Accelerate Your Simulation Applications Development with Unreal Engine

November 30 - December 2 |10 AM - 11 AM EST

Join Epic Games and partners in these sessions to learn how we are reducing the gap between games and simulation by reconciling accuracy, realtime, and visual quality.

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Image courtesy of Meta Aerospace

Project Anywhere

November 30 - December 4 | 7 AM - 8 PM EST
Available only for registered vIITSEC attendees

Project Anywhere is an Unreal Engine proof-of-concept demo created jointly by Cesium, Epic Games, Microsoft, and NVIDIA. Project Anywhere gives you real-time access to the 3D Tiles visuals and data of the entire world from Cesium. Visit the Project Anywhere page to learn more and attend our live sessions.

Innovation Showcase | The Innovation Path: Going from Dissemination to Adoption

Available on demand only for registered vIITSEC attendees

Presented by Sébastien Lozé

Unreal Engine is a development platform on which R&D is growing at a very fast pace. What was impossible in the simulation domain is made possible, step by step, by both our development team and our ecosystem through collaborations with the simulation community.

Innovation is not only being the first ones having a technology idea and implementing it—it’s also making the technology available in new ways and lowering the total cost of ownership to ensure rapid dissemination. We want your input so we can define the path forward together.
Image courtesy of SimCentric
Image courtesy of HTX Labs

Iron Dev Competition

December 3 | 1:30 PM - 3:00 PM EST

Available only for registered vIITSEC attendees

Iron Dev is a team competition similar to competitive cooking shows, where teams were given a challenge and a “secret ingredient” to develop a distributed AR/VR training, education, or operational solution to improve warfighter readiness. The teams that entered have had 60+ days to develop their solution, and they will demonstrate them on the final day of vIITSEC in front of a fun and engaging panel of judges. Awards will be given to the best overall training solution and to the boldest solution.

Over the course of the competition, Epic Games has enjoyed working with content creators to provide contestants with free content, all of which is now available to everyone via the Unreal Marketplace.

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