Unreal Indie Dev Days 2019

October 9 | Seattle
Image courtesy of Creature in the Well by Flight School Studios

About Unreal Indie Dev Days

Happening October 9 in Seattle, Unreal Indie Dev Days offers presentations about Unreal Engine to help developers be as successful as possible.

We’re planning a fantastic day of content featuring Epic presenters and partners, designed to provide smaller dev teams and those new to Unreal with strategic info about the Unreal Engine ecosystem, best practices, and the latest features in UE 4.23.

Unreal Indie Dev Days 2019

  • Wednesday, Oct 9
Time  Location  Description  
9:00 AMSheraton Grand Seattle, Ballroom LobbyBreakfast + Registration 
10:00 AMSheraton Grand Seattle, Ballroom CUnreal Engine RoadmapWe’ll kick off the day with a look at the latest features in UE 4.23 and a discussion of the features and developments coming to Unreal Engine.

Presented by Nick Penwarden, VP of Engineering, Epic Games
11:15 AMSheraton Grand Seattle, Ballroom CBeing Epic: An Indie Developer's Guide to the Epic EcosystemEpic Games is dedicated to supporting game developers of all types and sizes. In addition to Unreal Engine, Epic provides a number of ancillary resources that are of great value to independent game developers everywhere. In this presentation, Epic's Alan Noon will explore Epic Mega Grants, Epic Online Services, the Unreal Engine Marketplace, and more.

Presented by Alan Noon, Senior Engine Evangelist, Epic Games, Inc.
12:15 PMSheraton Grand Seattle, Ballroom LobbyLunch
1:30 PMSheraton Grand Seattle, Ballroom CInvaluable Indie Tips: Lessons Learned from ShippingIn this panel discussion moderated by Epic's Christian Allen, developers from System Era Softworks (Astroneer), Polyarc (Moss), and Flight School Studio (Creature in the Well) share lessons learned from their development journeys while providing insight into important topics such as funding, optimization, marketing, shipping, and more.

MODERATOR: Christian Allen, Epic Games
PANELIST: Tam Armstrong, Polyarc
PANELIST: Adam Bromell, System Era Softworks
PANELIST: Bohdon Sayre, Flight School Studio
2:45 PM Sheraton Grand Seattle, Ballroom CSwitching to Unreal EngineAre you using another game engine? Are you curious to try Unreal Engine but don't know where to start? This presentation is designed for developers coming from other tech, looking for the fastest path to success in Unreal Engine. Epic's Alan Noon will explain the philosophy behind Unreal Engine's major feature development and draw parallels between UE4 and other engines.

Presented by Alan Noon, Senior Engine Evangelist, Epic Games, Inc.
4:00 PMSheraton Grand Seattle, Ballroom CEggNut Presents: Working with 2D Pixel Art in a 3D World.In this presentation by indie developer EggNut, find out how a small team of remote artists, designers, and developers leveraged a stunning combination of high-quality pixel art and Unreal Engine tools such as volumetric lighting, custom materials, and shaders to craft the dystopian noir adventure Backbone.

Presented by: 
Radu Girjoaba, Tech Artist, EggNut
Nikita Danshin, Co-founder/Developer/Composer, EggNut
5:15 PMSheraton Grand Seattle, Ballroom CProfiling and Optimization in UE4An in-depth presentation outlining CPU and GPU-related overheads, identifying bottlenecks, and how to plan optimization strategies and pipelines early and as a team. Learn the tools and how to employ them to identify key performance problems as well as engine features that can help you improve performance in your game.

Presented by Paulo Souza, Engine Evangelist, Epic Games, Inc
6:15 PMSheraton Grand Seattle, Ballroom LobbyMixer