May 10, 2018

Unreal Engine Build: Paris ’18 showcases top talent for real-time design

By Simon Jones

Seeing the full potential of real-time technology continuing to unfold before our eyes is one of the most exciting aspects of building tools to empower creatives across so many fascinating industries. The recent Unreal Engine Build: Paris event was our biggest Build gathering yet for the Unreal Engine Enterprise team, and it brought together a diverse group of enterprise users from the architecture, media & entertainment, and automotive & manufacturing worlds to recognize and celebrate innovation across these evolving sectors.

Following our other successful Unreal Engine Build events in Munich and London last year, Build: Paris’18 was another phenomenal showcase of the many ways people around the globe are using Unreal Engine to break new ground in their respective fields. The Unreal Engine Enterprise team welcomed over 230 guests to La Grande Crypte in the heart of Paris for an afternoon of customer presentations followed by an evening of hands-on demos and networking merriment.

Attendees included executive representatives from Burberry, LEGO, Kia Motors Europe, BMW Mini, LG Electronics, Mercedes Benz, Porsche AG, and many more. It was our first time holding an Unreal Engine Enterprise event in France, and seeing such an amazing audience that represents so many unique companies from so many different industries, all coming together in one place, made for a thrilling event full of energy and inspiration.


Real-time expands to new industries

We continue to be blown away by the sheer breadth of experiences our clients are building with Unreal Engine, and Build: Paris ’18 highlighted some of the many powerful ways real-time technology is revolutionizing the work they do. From Unreal-powered VR and AR solutions that let brands engage with their customers in new and exciting ways, to pipeline-changing implementations that allow for faster production workflows and greater flexibility for digital content creators, real-time is changing the game across the board. Nothing made this more evident than seeing the vast creativity and ingenuity on display among our partners.


Presentations from architecture specialists Allegorithmic and Twinmotion, virtual production experts Dreamwall, animation house Digital Dimension, and VFX houses Mackevision and The Mill showcased just how our Enterprise customers are using Unreal Engine in their diverse businesses ventures. The growing number of use cases continues to shine light on the fresh ways that real-time technology is impacting the design, manufacturing and entertainment verticals.

Joining the real-time revolution today

It’s humbling to see the raw enthusiasm among the Enterprise community for what’s possible in the real-time space using Unreal Engine. It’s exciting to see the potential of real-time continue to grow, as more industries adopt our technology and put it to incredible use. We expect to see a lot of interesting projects come out of Build Paris, and are looking forward to further Unreal Engine Build events in 2018!

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