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The Pulse is a thought-provoking video series that uncovers emerging trends in interactive technology across architecture, automotive, film & TV, and games. Get inspired and explore real-time 3D today! 

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September 21

Real-time Real Estate: Visualize, Connect, Build

Discuss and explore the evolution happening right now in real-time real estate, and its impact on the future of design, construction, and sales. Watch now.
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Real-time Animation: Unlocking Story and Style

Join us as we explore how real-time rendering has changed the traditional animation pipeline, and what we can expect to see in the future. Watch now.
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Digital Twins: Building Cities of the Future

Discover the fast-growing world of digital twins and their impact on architecture, engineering, and construction going into the future. Watch now.
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The Rise of Real-Time Digital Humans

Find out about the sweeping changes taking place in games, films, and other media that make use of virtual people. Watch now.
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The Next-Gen Gaming Revolution

Join us as we discuss next-gen technology and what it means for the future of game development and gameplay. Watch now.
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Virtual Production: The Transition to Real-Time Filmmaking

Explore how production and post are merging, as real-time environments open up narrative opportunities and facilitate final pixels in camera. Watch now.
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Virtual Cars and the Impact of Digital IP

Take a dive into the next digital shift for the automotive industry and how it's powering innovations in design, manufacturing, and marketing. Watch now.
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Virtual Spaces and the Future of Collaboration

Discover how virtual spaces and interactive technology are transforming collaboration across the AEC industry. Watch now.

Featured speakers

Jerome Chen
Visual Effects Supervisor
Sony Pictures Imageworks
Jerome Chen’s credits include some of Hollywood’s earliest work with digital humans, such as The Polar Express, as well as The Amazing Spider-Man, Suicide Squad, Fury, and Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle. Jerome also directed “Lucky 13,” an episode of the Netflix animated series Love, Death & Robots.
Amy Hennig
President, New Media Division
Skydance Media
A 30-year veteran of the game industry, Amy Hennig has served as Creative Director and Lead Writer on numerous titles, including Naughty Dog’s acclaimed Uncharted series and Crystal Dynamics’ groundbreaking Soul Reaver / Legacy of Kain franchise. She recently joined Skydance Media to explore new frontiers in interactive storytelling.
Isaac Bratzel
Chief Design and Innovation Officer
Isaac Bratzel, a longtime creator of photoreal CG characters, holds a Masters Degree in Visual Effects Animation. He’s currently Chief Design and Innovation Officer at Brud, an entertainment and technology company that realizes virtual characters for storytelling and inspiration. Brud’s characters include Miquela, a virtual pop star with over three million followers on Instagram.
Davide Ferrari
Car Configurator IT Product Owner, Technology Innovation Architect
Davide entered Ferrari as the Head of IT Security for the Racing division. He brought the team’s “win the race” approach to Ferrari GT, where he extended his work into the use of computer graphics and Unreal Engine to develop dealership car configurators and AR/VR experiences.
Felix Jorge
Co-Founder, CEO, and Creative Director
Happy Mushroom Studios
With over a decade of experience working as a previs artist on dozens of blockbuster films including Mad Max: Fury Road and Avengers: Age of Ultron, Felix Jorge recently supervised the Virtual Art Department on season one of The Mandalorian. He is now leading a team at Happy Mushroom Studios that is shaking up Hollywood’s status quo through game-changing virtual production techniques.
Gwen Frey
Founder & Lead Developer
Chump Squad
With over 12 years of experience working on blockbuster titles such as BioShock Infinite and indie video game hits such as The Flame in The Flood, Gwen Bond recently founded Chump Squad and launched multi-platform puzzler Kine. She is now looking to the future of gaming technology as she leads a team on their next gen title, Lab Rat.
Mike Grier
Chief Creative Officer & Co-Founder
Ember Lab
Responsible for Ember Lab’s creative vision, Mike leads a multinational team of artists who craft the compelling artwork and animations driving the success of Kena, Bridge of Spirits. His primary goal is to meld different artistic disciplines and technical backgrounds into an authentic experience with a cohesive visual aesthetic. A talented film director, Mike’s captivating style is reflected in the studio’s commercial portfolio and independent projects.  
Jan Bunge
Jan Bunge is a trained landscape architect with a background in urban design. At Squint/Opera, he oversees creative excellence and technology. An expert in virtual design and communication tools, Jan has contributed to Propmodo magazine and Voices from McKinsey & Co about the impact of technology on the built environment.
Sam Nicholson
CEO and Founder
Stargate Studios
Sam Nicholson, ASC, is CEO and Founder of Stargate Studios, an award-winning international production company that specializes in visual effects and virtual production. Sam has been involved in film and television production for over 40 years, with credits that include Star Trek: The Motion Picture; The Walking Dead; and Grey’s Anatomy.
Cobus Bothma
Kohn Pedersen Fox
Cobus Bothma has over 25 years’ experience in design within the construction and automotive industry, developing bespoke products for commercial, hospitality, and leisure use. His key skills include the generation of complex architectural 3D geometry, data generation, and visualization.
Burak Soehmelioglu
IT Product Owner
BMW Group
Based in Munich, Germany, Burak has over seven years of experience in 3D real-time technologies for large-scale industries. He is now leading the enterprise-wide VR/AR platform and making 3D accessible to everyone at BMW Group.
Mike Seymour
Based in Sydney, Australia, Mike Seymour is a researcher, lecturer, writer, media-tech specialist, and the co-founder of fxguide. Mike has previously worked in film and TV R&D and in production, winning an AFI and being nominated for an American Emmy Award. He is well known for his work on digital humans.


Season 2, Episode 1 - Real-Time Real Estate

Season 2, Episode 1 - Real-Time Real Estate
Episode 7 - Real-time Animation: Unlocking Story and Style
Episode 6 - Digital Twins: Building Cities of the Future
Episode 5 - The Rise of Real-Time Digital Humans
Episode 4 - The Next-Gen Gaming Revolution
Episode 3 - Virtual Cars and the Impact of Digital IP
Episode 2 - Virtual Production: The Transition to Real-Time Filmmaking
Episode 1 - Virtual spaces & the future of collaboration

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