Valentin Bécart | Odilon Loïez | Digital art by Studio A N F

Unreal Student Showcase

Want to be featured in one of our reels?

Students, you know the deal. It’s not just professionals that are turning in jaw-dropping work. 

Every year—twice, in fact—we put out Student Showcase reels that reflect some of the amazing projects we’ve been sent or shown during that time period. 

These aren’t just filler for the ether. They're seen by hundreds of thousands of people. Potential employers, high-profile developers, other people with impressive things about them—you just never know who’s watching or what will come of you being featured.

Sound good? Then now's the time.

Important dates

July 2021: Submissions open

You can submit your work using the form below. For tips on submitting your reel, check out this blog.

August 19, 2021: Submission deadline

All submissions for the Fall 2021 Student Showcase are due by August 19 (no exceptions). That said, if you miss this deadline, please still submit your projects as they will be considered for the next Student Showcase coming in spring 2022.

October 28, 2021: Fall Showcase debuts on Inside Unreal

Those are the main details for now. We look forward to seeing your submissions.

Good luck!

Student Showcase | Spring 2021

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Ready to submit your project? Be sure to check out our helpful tips for submitting your reel.