Weather Girl | UNKO PTY LTD (Finalist from Australian Short Film Challenge)

Singapore Virtual Production Challenge

Calling All Singapore-based Creatives!

India, Australia, and New Zealand have had their shot. Now, it’s Singapore’s turn! Find out how an Unreal Engine short could be your ticket to creative joy with $30,000 SGD from the IMDA awarded to shortlisted candidates to produce a piece of short-form content in UE5. The winning entry will receive an additional $20,000 SGD prize money from the IMDA in the Singapore Virtual Production Challenge!

Brought to you by:

    • IMDA
    • SGGA
*Please note that this is an independently created challenge and is not sponsored or administered by Epic Games. For more information, please contact the organizers at

With support from:

    • Aux Media
    • Capturing Reality
    • Leadtek
    • Level Infinite
    • Move Ai
    • Movella
    • NVIDIA
    • Oceanus Media Global
    • Sketchfab
    • Xsens

Applicants will:

  • Form a team of up to five members.
  • Create a pitch for an Unreal Engine short-form content piece. The best candidates/projects will be presented to our industry judging panel for final selection. The IMDA will provide shortlisted candidates with up to $30,000 SGD and eight weeks to produce their 90-second to three-minute short in Unreal Engine 5. The winning short will receive an additional $20,000 SGD prize from the IMDA. For details about the application process, please refer to the IMDA’s terms and conditions.
  • Receive hands-on training with an intensive five day Unreal Engine 5 virtual production bootcamp—courtesy of Epic’s Unreal Engine team. The training is open to all to join in online, regardless of whether or not you are applying to the program. Training will run from May 22 to 26, 2023.
Image courtesy of A Monkeystack Production
Cassini Logs | Alexandru Popescu and Tim Ben Cole

Why should I take part?

Get the opportunity to be mentored by experts at Epic Games with training for virtual production and access to free learning resources. 

You keep all rights to your Unreal Engine short. We’d just like to promote it!

Augment creative storytelling for your short-form linear content by harnessing the power of virtual production technology.

Participants will have a chance to showcase their work to media industry executives at the Singapore Media Festival.

Ready to sign up for the challenge?

Applications are open until April 28, 2023.
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Free Training

Epic’s Unreal Engine team is offering free online training sessions to anyone interested in learning real-time animation and worldbuilding. The training will take place May 22–26, 2023 and is suitable for all creatives experienced in 3D digital content creation.

Register below and join us for an information session on April 5 at IMDA’s Pixel. Not interested in the challenge? You can register for the free training anyway.
Devmasa | Technicolor & Neha, Ruchir
Image courtesy of A Monkeystack Production

Want to get a headstart?

We have a wide selection of resources that will help you begin your real-time journey.