MegaGrants Week

January 23-27, 2023

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A growing community of 3D creators is achieving their wildest dreams with the help of Epic MegaGrants, expanding the impact of real-time technology in the process.

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Monday, January 23
Courtesy of Studio Inkyfox

Dream game, no compromises: How a solo dev made Omno

Following your dreams takes guts! Check out our video Spotlight with solo developer Jonas Manke, as he discusses how he made the critically-acclaimed adventure game Omno—his way.

Epic #MegaMondays

Did you know we highlight MegaGrant creators every week on our social channels? It’s true. You can explore #EpicMegaMondays for the latest or just follow us for updates.

Epic MegaGrants: 2022 Update

We’ve assembled some of the most impressive 2022 MegaGrants projects for you, and they run the gamut. Social good games, Smart MetaHumans, digital twins—see why MegaGrants recipients are stunning market after market with their fresh takes on real-time tech.

Tuesday, January 24
Image courtesy of FX Animation Studio

Kibwe becomes first UE5 animated film produced in Mozambique

For Mozambique, by Mozambique—that’s one of the driving forces behind Kibwe, an upcoming film about a girl shining a light on what’s been hidden from her her whole life. Watch our video Spotlight with the creators to find out more.

Kaia’s Discoveries teaches preschoolers the good stuff

Even preschool shows can benefit from real-time animation! Learn about the making of a series that nurtures kids’ innate desire to ask questions about the world.
Image courtesy of Hype Animation

Wednesday, January 25

Cats, farms, and MegaGrants

A husband and wife indie-dev team explore the creation of their first game, Snacko, a cat-centric farm sim adventure with a touch of mystery. Watch the Spotlight.
Image courtesy of BlueCurse Studios
Image courtesy of The Astronauts

A roguelite for people who don't like roguelites

Dive into the development process behind Witchfire, as its Creative Director takes you through gameplay, music, mechanics, and more.

Thursday, January 26
Image courtesy of CONICAL

How The Green Fairy morphed into a transmedia franchise

VR, TV shows, TikTok vlogs, video games—The Green Fairy does it all. In this video Spotlight, MegaGrant recipient CONICAL shows us just how far you can take a good idea if you’re having fun and staying creative.

INSIDE UNREAL- MegaGrants: How to Stand Out

Join a wonderful panel of recipients as they answer questions about their MegaGrants journey. You’ll also get tips on what makes us say “yes” to a MegaGrant application.
Image courtesy of HaZimation, Yaldi Games, and Alchemical Works

Friday, January 27

New! Unreal Engine: Learning From Games (UELFG) Livestream

Watch the debut episode of UELFG, a new livestream where we play a game with a developer and talk to them about the creation process. This week, Far From Home joins us to play through their early access game Forever Skies

Join us live on Friday, January 27 at 2:00 PM ET on the #UnrealEngine Twitch and YouTube channel!
Image courtesy of Far From Home
Image courtesy of Instinction Game / Hashbane Interactive limited

From archviz to game dev: making the leap

Instinction trailers have been earning raves for their gorgeous graphics. Hear how a team reimagined their studio and started designing the game they’d always wanted to make.

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