April 19, 2018

Join us for Unreal Academy: Enterprise

By Ken Pimentel

UPDATE: This Unreal Academy event is now sold out. Follow Unreal Engine on Twitter for the very latest info on upcoming events.

Are you ready to join a growing community of architects, designers, engineers, producers, and artists who are already using Unreal Engine to revolutionize the professional creative landscape outside of game development? Don’t miss out on this value-packed learning and networking experience!


Unreal Academy: Enterprise is a training event for creatives, designers and visualization specialists in the architectural visualization, automotive & aerospace, and media & entertainment fields who are seeking to tap into the potential of using Unreal Engine’s real-time technology.

Our debut training event features two days of keynote speakers, hands-on sessions, expert lectures, and valuable networking opportunities to help you take your design visualizations in Unreal Engine to the next level. Whether you’re an experienced pro or are just getting started with real-time design, Unreal Academy has something for Unreal Engine users of all levels.

The event at a glance:
  • Two days of classes, lectures, and hands-on training sessions
  • Morning keynotes from Epic and UE4 Enterprise customers
  • A peek at the Unreal Studio roadmap
  • Daily giveaways and amazing loot from Epic
  • Evening party for all attendees
  • Breakfast and lunch included 
  • Subsidized hotel rooms courtesy of Epic

Cost to Attend

Registration for the conference is $100 per attendee. Epic will be partially subsidizing the cost of hotel lodging, with attendees paying only a flat rate fee of $200 for three nights’ accommodation.


Schedule and Courses

Unreal Academy offers attendees the choice of three curated vertical tracks: Architecture & Visualization, Automotive & Aerospace, & Media & Entertainment, as well as the option to design your own learning experience across a wide range of lectures and hands-on labs outside of the curated tracks! Additionally, the event features cross-industry sessions that appeal to a broader audience. Each day’s schedule will kick off with a keynote featuring an exciting line-up of Unreal Engine customers to be announced soon.

Have other questions about the Unreal Academy: Enterprise? You’ll find the answers you need in our FAQ

Don’t miss out: register today!

Space is limited, so don’t forget to register today to reserve your spot while you can!

Here’s a look at the full lecture and lab line-up!

Sessions for all industries: 

  • Unreal Engine Fundamentals
  • Unreal Engine Fundamentals for Unity Developers
  • Blueprint 1: Introduction to Blueprints and UMG
  • Blueprint 2: Navigation Development in Blueprint: Using & Expanding the Product Viewer Template
  • Blueprint 3: Product Configurator in Blueprint
  • Blueprint 4: Advanced Blueprint Programming
  • Essentials of Unreal Engine Blueprints for Unity Developers
  • Blueprint Cookbook for Unity Developers
  • Optimizing for Real-time Performance

Architecture & visualization sessions:

  • Arch-Vis 1: Introduction to Unreal Engine for Architectural Visualization
  • Arch-Vis 2: Data Pipelines: Bringing Scene Data into Unreal with 3ds Max and SketchUp
  • Arch-Vis 3: Architectural Materials and Lighting
  • Arch-Vis 4: Post-processing and Cinematics
  • Arch-Vis 5: User Interfaces with Blueprints and UMG
  • Unreal Studio and Datasmith Roadmap
  • Hands-on Workshop: Arch/Vis Blueprints 1: Introduction - Interactive Display of Information
  • Hands-on Workshop: Arch/Vis Blueprints 2: Navigation - Exploring Your Creations
  • Hands-on Workshop: Arch/Vis Blueprints 3: Scenarios - Day/Night & Room Layout Scenarios
  • Hands-on Workshop: Architectural Visualization Project: Part 1 - Look Development
  • Hands-on Workshop: Architectural Visualization Project: Part 2 - Cinematics
  • Hands-on Workshop: Architectural Visualization Project: Part 3 - Interactive Elements

Media & entertainment sessions:

  • Setting Up a Real-time Studio - Panel Discussion
  • M&E Case Studies and Technologies - Animation to Virtual Production
  • Connecting Autodesk Maya with Unreal Engine 4 through Live Link
  • Real Time Lighting Techniques and Tools
  • Sequencer Training and World Setup for Cinematic Shot Production
  • Media and Entertainment Pipelines in Unreal Engine
  • Disney Puppy Dog Pals: Interactive Puppetry & Live Facial Performances for Web Streaming & Broadcast
  • VFX and Particle Systems with Unreal Engine

Automotive & aerospace sessions:

  • CAD Data Preparation for Automotive & Aerospace
  • Advanced Look Development for Enterprise

  • Hands-on Workshop: Automotive 1 - Introduction to Data Prep and Import with Datasmith
  • Hands-on Workshop: Automotive 2 - Intro to Physically-based Rendering, Materials & Lighting
  • Hands-on Workshop: Automotive 3 - Intro to Optimization and Deployment for Desktop PC
  • Hands-on Workshop: Automotive 4 - Introduction to Blueprint for Configurator Development
  • Hands-on Workshop: Automotive 5 - Interaction - UMG for Configurator Interaction
  • Hands-on Workshop: Automotive 6 - Deployment of Bike Configurator for Desktop